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     I have started this blog to help myself grow into the photographer that I aspire to be.  Like most amateur photographers I want to know everything there is to know about my camera and what it takes to get those amazing shots that keep me coming back for more.  At this point I have not really focused on one favorite category to shoot and this I can be attributed to my biggest inspiration, National Geographic.  I am totally into all aspects of photography whether I am playing with wild macro shots of water and insects, shooting portraits or catching wildlife in their natural setting.  In all of my shots what I aim to achieve is the best clarity, aspect and colors to bring it to life.  The brilliance of photography is that we get to create the photos.  It is our perception and how we take the shot that determines how the picture will look.

     My experience so far with camera’s has been fortunate but limited.  I have owned two camera’s in the past, my first was an old, beautiful manual style camera given to me for photography class in school and later stolen.  The second was a Sony cyber-shot and it was recently misplaced when I carelessly brought it out on a night of debauchery.  Thus I vow to care for my new first camera better for the sake of my wallet.  And this is where I begin, with the search for an appropriate camera.  As I said I have been fortunate with my access to cameras to use and play with.  Most of the people I know have a point and shoot digital camera and they can be a lot of fun at social functions… just don’t leave them there.  The most fun of those type of camera I find is the waterproof models for rainy days or hikes that you just cant avoid getting wet.  These cameras are fun and easy to use but they lack some key functions of a digital single-lens reflex(DSLR), which is the direction that I am going in.  I have done some research into the Canon Eos line of digital cameras and in the search for knowledge of cameras in general I will look into some other competitive lines but I will tell you that I am bias to the Canon Eos because of my experience with them.  The competitive cameras that I will be comparing the Canon Eos to are mostly the Nikon F series but i may also look at the Pentax and Leica brands. 

The first thing I have to ask myself is what do I want a camera for?  The answer to that is easy, everything!  Of course Like most of us I don’t have the budget to simply go out and buy the newest, most adaptable top of the line camera with all the cool accessories to go with it so I have narrowed my search by answering a few key questions; How much money am I prepared to spend?  What is the best bang for my buck?  What type of camera is best for me?  And What accessories do I need?  I further narrowed my selection by researching individual cameras and their specifications to find out what I was really paying for.  This is easily done by visiting any brands web site (for Canada).  The most helpful tip I found was to handle the camera you are looking at, it’s a lot different than just looking at them in web windows.  If you don’t have access to a camera to play around with go to a retail store and check out the store model.  This is a great way to find out what you are comfortable with because not only can you can pick it up and see for yourself how easy it is to navigate through the functions and get your pictures tuned in just right but you can check out the competition in the same go.  Just dont let the salesperson push you around, stick to what you know and want.

I will take the time to find the camera that best fits my needs, as I find new deals and comparisons I will follow up on Photo6S.  I hope it is worth following and that you may take something away from it.

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  1. danielarami
    February 8, 2010 at 21:03

    I just started my blog, also about photography. I bought back in september a nikon d40 since i wanted an entry level DLSR.I’m glad to see there is other people out there that want to learn the most they can about photography. You have some awesome images. Do you have a flickr account?

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