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The decision: digital SLR or super-zoom

February 4, 2010 2 comments

I’ve got a dilemma, I’m not sure what to get. A digital SLR or the other option of possibly a superzoom like the Canon Powershot SX20 IS.  I guess my concern is that I will drop $800 on a dSLR and then another $600-800 on accessories (lens, SD cards, etc..). The other option would be a super-zoom camera for around $600 and have everything I need to enter the world of photography, or would I?

I’ve had a look at this review of the Canon Powershot SX2o IS and it looks like a great camera retailing for around $500.

I’ve also looked at the Canon EOS 500D / Rebel T1i which is retails for about $700-800.

Comparing them side by side on CNET here they look similar (I through in the Nikon D5000 in there as well), in fact the Canon Powershot SX20D IS has better zoom, focal length and lens aperture.  So what costs $200-300 more in the Rebel T1i?  Is it that much better of a camera?

In my opinion there is one main area that superzooms fail and that is image quality.  It seems most start to show noise around ISO400 or ISO800, so for the general hobbyist that doesn’t want large prints of their beautiful photos then the superzooms looks like a great option and seem to be extremely easy to use.

It seems at the moment I’m leaning to the more expensive and higher quality allure of the digital SLR…